Daymond John’s Launch Academy Review – A Review of the Free Training Event

Did you hear about a local business training event, that you’re considering attending? Daymond John’s Launch Academy has been aggressively advertising online. They advertise a free training event, usually hosted at a local hotel. After attending his free entrepreneur class in London, Ontario, I felt compelled to write an honest review of Daymond John’s Launch…

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Image of a retro camera with the text Using Stock Photography for Business with Michal Krasnodebski of Bigstock

Using Stock Photography for Business with Michal Krasnodebski of Bigstock

Stock photography. It’s everywhere around us, and whether you realize it or not… you’ve likely used it before too in school, past jobs, or your small business. I wanted to discuss the basics of using stock photography for business, and provide some advice that will hopefully make an impact on your small business. As my…

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Getting a grasp on social media with Jennifer Grigg

In this interview style guest post, I get to speak with Jennifer Grigg. Jennifer is the owner of Social Dragon Marketing, which offers a range of small social media services and consulting to small businesses.  I’ve interviewed Jennifer in the past, and so when I had some questions on understanding social media, and how to properly use…

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Why managed WordPress hosting is better than regular shared hosting

This article was written for small business owners who either use, or are considering using WordPress to power the website for their business or blog. It is important to understand what WordPress is, and that not all web hosting options are created equal, when it comes to your WordPress website. This article will discuss your…

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Website Design Trends 2015

Small Business Website Design Trends to Consider in 2015

If you are starting a small business, surely you understand the importance a website plays in giving you credibility, helping your customers get to know you and your services, and attracting leads via the internet. Prior to moving forward with a website design (or redesign) here are a few trends to consider. Minimalist – When you visit…

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Demystifying Local SEO With Sherry Simoes and Derrick Barber

Demystifying Local SEO by Sherry Simoes & Derrick Barber

This article outlines the information discussed at the May 5th 2015 Business Builders International meeting. The group founder and organizer is Sherry Simoes who hosted this information session, alongside Derrick Barber from LOWD Media. The discussion was Local SEO basics. Specifically, the following were discussed: How Google Works A few SEO priorities, for small business…

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A Gentleman’s Guide to Effective (and Legal) Email Marketing in Canada

Email Marketing Best Practices, and advice on staying CASL compliant I like to think of myself as a nice guy. Growing up, I found it was more likely the mother of female classmates who were encouraging them to go out with me, even if there was no level of mutual interest happening. I also consider…

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What Losing 50 Pounds Taught me About Business

Generating Momentum & building your ideal identity When it comes to evolving into the person you want to become, you have a relatively blank canvas to work with. Genetics play a part of it, but for the most part we all have the ability to make a decision on who we want to become, and…

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Vintage Twitter Image of bus travelling

Using Twitter to Grow a Small Local Business IS Worth Your Time – Here’s Why

Twitter is a challenging social media platform to wrap your mind around. A constant flow of updates, many of which you might find you don’t really care about… ain’t nobody got time for that! The thing is, it really is worth considering spending some time on. In this article, I’ll attempt to explain why using…

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How to Avoid Google Penalties Graphic

How to avoid Google penalties

Lessons from someone who has been slapped by Google, repeatedly Have you ever been slapped by Google? Take it from me, it’s not pleasant. I was one of many people who, for some reason, used to think ranking well in Google was all about finding some magic formula. Put your main key phrase in the…

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