Research For Affordable Marketing Methods III – Coupons

Research For Affordable Marketing Methods III – Coupons

Remember the days when using coupons was considered frugal or uncool? Unlike pogs, pet rocks, and parachute pants… this trend is gaining momentum. Big time.

This is why talking about coupons and various coupon related services will be the feature for the next article in my series of articles about affordable marketing methods.

Before I publish this article, I am asking for help!

1)      London Ontario Coupon Users: What is your favorite coupon related service? I created a Poll on the LOWD Facebook Page and I would greatly appreciate your feedback on that.

2)      London Ontario Coupon Users: If you have any kind of opinion on the using/purchasing of coupons/what you like/what you don’t like I would greatly appreciate your replies to this post.

3)      London Ontario Business Owners: What have you heard/have you had any personal success with any coupon related services?

I have been researching this method as a viable/affordable marketing method and the feedback from anyone and everyone would be really appreciated.

By the way, I just got word that the Groupon on Wednesday April 20th will be from Dominos Pizza. They will be offering $8 for any large pizza with up to 10 toppings (online order, carryout only). As a Groupon affiliate, this is why this was brought to my attention. They are going to sell an overwhelming about of this particular coupon.

Thank you in advanced everyone!

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