Affordable Marketing Ideas I – Get a Web Presence

Due to my background, one discussion I frequently have with other small business owners is how to market a small business with a limited budget. There are multiple affordable ways to market your small business, but one of the most important ways is having an online presence. In this article I will discuss affordable ways to get your business online.

1)      Basic Web Site. (Budget: $450-$500). In an ideal world, everybody would have a full web site. A simple 5 or 6 page site from London Ontario Web Design will cost around $500. This will allow you to communicate plenty of information about who you are and what you do. It will also provide your contact information, an image gallery and more. If this is not in your budget, I full heartedly recommend you explore your options of getting some kind of web presence. Below are some more affordable options.

2)      1 Page Website. (Budget: $150-$200). For a lot of new businesses, a 1 page web site can often deliver the basics about your company, a few photos, and your contact information in a professional way that can allow you to be found online when people are searching for you. This blog for example is the default 2010 WordPress theme. In English, it is free software that my hosting company provided me. I just purchase the domain name and hosting space, spend my time learning about the software, did a little bit of customization, and was on my way. A lot of people will not want to take the time to learn about WordPress and how to use it/make it function properly and so this is why I set a $150-$200 budget. If you want to do it yourself, you can probably launch a site for around $90 for the year plus your time invested.

3)      Google Places page. (Budget: Free, Time Investment). If you have a physical location, you should sign up for a Google Places page. While this is best when coupled with a web site, Google does not require you even have a web site to appear in their results! Google is putting more and more time and effort into developing reliable local results and if you want to increase sales and be found by people searching for you online, I strongly encourage you create your Google Places page.

4)      Facebook & Social Media. (Budget: Free, Time Investment). The big three social media outlets as of today are Facebook, Linked In & Twitter. Social media again is becoming more and more important to the success of your small business. My personal favorite as of today is creating a Facebook page. If you use Facebook already, creating a Facebook page is an extremely easy process. You can have custom Facebook pages created for $200-$350 but the default template will normally do the trick.

I have also found success with Linked In from people who have lost my contact info and were able to find me online through my Linked In profile. I don’t personally use Twitter a lot because I find it difficult to make my point in the limited amount of space provided. Saying this, Charlie Sheen managed to reach over 1,000,000 followers in 24 hours. I would never suggest you would end up “winning” like Charlie Sheen, but if you have something to say, there are people ready to listen on Twitter.

To keep the article at a reasonable length, I will stick to the above 4 recommendations. Of course there are other options such as submitting yourself to directories (Yellow Pages) and using website templates however my personal opinion is that these options offer less bang for your buck.

The world is moving online. People continue to do research for products and services online. If your business is not found when a potential client is searching for your product or services… you are losing potential customers. This is why one of the best affordable marketing ideas is getting an online presence.

If you have any comments or feel like I left anything out… please remember to comment.

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