You no longer have an excuse for not having a web site

I have heard a laundry list of reasons to why people don’t have a web site. The three most common reasons are:

1)      I don’t think my business needs a web site.

2)      I have someone who is going to do it for free/cheap when they find the time.

3)      I can’t afford a web site.

Let’s explore these reasons a little bit further:

I don’t think my business needs a web site.

If you don’t think your business needs to be online, to be frank, says to me you are not looking to increase your sales.  You are comfortable with the way things are and are comfortable with the clients you are currently reaching. You don’t want more business.

If you don’t want more business due to the fact you can’t handle the workload and are not interested in hiring anybody, I understand this to a degree… the issue is that there will come a time when your current customers will  not be able to support you.

When the time comes that you decide you need more customers and to increase your sales, you will be playing catch up if you do not already have a web site. The customers who are trying to find you won’t be able to do so.

I have someone who is going to do it for free/cheap when they find the time.

Whenever I first meet with a customer I frequently ask why they decided they need a web site. I am always impressed when a business owner simply understands how important this is. Often I find this question leading to …

“My husband’s nephew actually offered to do it for free, but he just got really busy and I need to get online”.

Of course, you can replace husband’s nephew with anyone.  I find these days everyone has met someone who has at least dabbled in web site design.

I have heard the odd success story from people who had a web site created for them by someone they know… but usually they are a professional. In many cases having an average quality web site is better than having no web site at all, however I have seen some really poor quality web sites come from this situation. The worst part is they often keep the site online because they don’t want to hurt the feelings of the person who originally created it. I can’t stress enough that you will lose business if you don’t have a web site that is at least average quality. It is the equivalent to having a dark and dirty retail store or office.

I will design a simple web site for you, up to 6 pages, a logo design, an image gallery & a contact page for around $615. This is a onetime fee. Web hosting & Domain name registration is around $84/year. After your initial investment you will pay only $84/year to have access to a world of sales leads that are trying to find you online.

I can’t afford a web site.

How about a free one? Did you know that Google will offer you a professional quality template web site, a .ca domain name & web hosting free of charge for one year?

Google has launched a program called Get Your Business Online.

In hopes that you will see positive results and pay for future advertising services, they even give you a $75 Google Adwords credit for new customers. This will put your business in the sponsored areas of their search engine listings which are at the top and right hand side of their organic listings. You will be surprised how far $75 of free advertising will get you in Google, depending on what type of business you are in.

After the first year, it is less than $50/year.

Not being able to afford a web site is no longer an option. As a business owner, you can’t afford to miss out on this offer if you are not planning on having a professional designer create a custom web site for you.

Of course, my hope is that once your business grows you will make room in your budget for a custom design… I hate the idea that I am promoting a free alternative to what I do… but I am this passionate about making sure all businesses get online.

Please give me your review or feedback on GYBO.

I would love to hear as much feedback as possible for those who choose to take advantage of this offer. Was the web site builder easy enough to figure out? Did it have the flexibility you were hoping for? Is Google backing something that really is too good to be true? Are there any testimonials or cautions you would like to tell the world? Please let me know.

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