411.ca Review – A review for advertisers from a former advertiser

I normally like to write articles that help people start and grow their small business. I hate to leave negative reviews because I have worked in many service positions in the past. I know how unreasonable customers can be, and sometimes they leave negative reviews that are not really deserved.

I took some time to cool down, and after thinking it through I feel that publishing my own experience with 411.ca as an advertiser might save some business owners some time and money. Of course, I am sure not every advertiser’s experience is the same…  so good or bad, please share with me your 411.ca review (From Advertisers) so I can get an idea if this is an isolated incident.

411.ca Review

The Offer:

I received a cold call from a sales person form 411.ca. I was fairly skeptical that this was a real opportunity to generate some sales, however the fact that some of my competition was already advertising on their web site was intriguing enough for me to take their promotional rate which was buy 1 month at full rate, receive the next two months at half price. I made sure to clarify with the sales person that this would not be something that would automatically renew. He told me it would not automatically renew… the contract is for only 90 days, and that someone would contact me to discuss a new contract once this one was about to expire. I also asked if there were any additional/hidden fees I should be aware of, and he said there wasn’t.

The Term:

Billing went as expected… almost immediately I realized this wasn’t the place for me to advertise. I somehow threw aside common sense… after all, why would someone go to 411.ca to search for a business, let alone a web designer? Most people would probably just use Google for that… or perhaps Kijiji in my area. In any event, I knew I would cancel once the time to renew came up.

Going Downhill:

Sure enough, after the 90 days I did not receive a follow up and noticed they charged me full monthly rate ($67.80 for me) on the renewal date. Of course, as soon as I noticed (February 25th, 2012) I called to cancel. Their phone line went to a voicemail where I left a detailed message on how I would like to cancel my services and request a refund.

Monday February 27th 1:59 PM – After not receiving a reply from an agent, I decided I should follow up. I again reached their answering machine and left a detailed message about the situation and asked for someone to call me.

Monday February 27th 7:05 PM – After not receiving a call back, I decided perhaps email was a better route. I emailed their billing department to request the cancellation.

Wednesday February 29th 2:16 PM – After not receiving a call or email back, I decided to call yet again. My message again I feel was detailed and friendly, though I certainly emphasized the fact I had called and received no reply yet.

Wednesday February 29th 4:31 PM – I decided I should send an email to their help department. Perhaps this department was more generic and someone would reply.

Rock Bottom: Friday March 2nd

I decided to call again on Friday March 2nd, a full week after my first attempt to contact 411.ca customer service. Finally, I reach a young man. I explain to him how I was not told that the contract would automatically renew, and that this isn’t what I wanted/all I wanted to do was cancel my ad and request a refund for this extra month.  He puts me on hold to look into things. He comes back and offers advice on how to improve my listing, but I tell him I just really want to cancel. He offers some promotional rates and offers to put my site in another category for free, to which I replied that I just wanted to cancel. He asked if there was any way I would continue to advertise with 411… like even if he offered me the ad for free. I explained to him I just wanted to cancel.

Finally, he agrees to cancel the ad, but tells me I would still have to pay for 1 month after this, due to their 30 day cancellation policy. I explain to him that I specifically asked about cancellation fees during the sales call and the salesperson told me that there were no additional fees. He asked if I received the welcome package which clearly explains this policy. Of course, I did not receive this… I realize mail gets lost sometimes, but what’s really going on here? I did receive a receipt for my first payment so I know they have my address down correctly. Basically he is telling me that it is in the contract, and he sees no notes on my account from the sales person telling him that I was told otherwise.

Now I start getting a bit aggressive and annoyed in my tone, which believe you me I don’t take lightly as somebody who has worked in call centers before. While he stuck to the “company policy” line for a few more minutes, he finally agreed to waive the upcoming fee as a courtesy, but said I would not receive a refund for the extra month I was billed. Again, he is sticking to the fact it is policy and that they did send these details in the mail, so there is nothing that can be done. I try to ask him person to person if he thinks it is right that I should have to pay this fee even though I was told by another company representative that this would not happen AND that I did not receive any documentation to inform me of this policy. When he explained that is the reason why he waived the future billing but still couldn’t do anything about the previous charge, I started to realize this was going nowhere… after insisting there must be something that can be done or someone else I can speak to, he offers to let me speak to a manager but insists he doubts they can do anything.

Finally I reached the manager… after explaining the situation to her, she agrees to refund the previous fee. She asks for some final feedback to why I am cancelling and I explain to her that while the initial reason was the fact I didn’t feel I was getting the full value I was hoping for out of the service, the fact that it has taken me one week, multiple phone calls & emails which were never replied to in order to reach them, that this was not the type of company I wanted to do business with.

She offered me a free month of service as a goodwill gesture but I just wanted to cut ties with 411.ca at this point, so I acknowledged that the offer was appreciated, but I would just like to cancel.

I should note that she told me the refund would take around 4 weeks to apply, but she would try to expedite that. I should hope so! 4 weeks to apply a refund? Is this the 80s?

I’ll be sure to update when/if I receive a refund and if any further charges are applied.

Bottom Line:

While I appreciate other people may have a better experience than me, I have to recommend you avoid advertising with 411.ca – I doubt 411.ca is a scam, but certainly there is little value advertising in their online directory, and my experience is that they don’t communicate billing properly and their customer service is brutal, as far as taking one week to reach someone goes.

Again, I hope you will share your experiences so I can see if this is an isolated incident or if this is common practice for this company.


A Note From Derrick:

If you received value out of this article, I strongly suggest you read the following article as well: Churn & Burn SEO – Why Cheap SEO Sucks. If you are looking to get exposure for your small business, you need to avoid cheap search engine optimization services. I strongly believe you will find it to be a waste of money, and this article outlines why I feel this way.

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  • Rick Springer

    Reply Reply July 30, 2019

    I have been come the victim of negative billing. I mistakenly became involved with two of these marketing companies and decided not to renew 411. So in the invoice for the new year came out simply ignored it rather than renew their program. No I’m getting phone calls from them insisting that they’re going to continue to list my business and invoice me because I didn’t sufficiently cancel the contract. I pointed out to them this is negative billing, and it’s illegal in Canada, but they continue to insist on listing my business and invoicing me. Now they have threatened to turn it over to a debt collector

  • Mark Strachan

    Reply Reply June 28, 2019

    They are still at it, I too found it not as portrayed and was told I could cancel after 90 days , I called on the 70th day and canceled, along with a Email request. Now I’ll wait and see if these charges are on my credit card. One nice thing about my credit company they do listen and remove the debit.
    I truly wish I had found this online before joining up. Stay clear.

  • Ken Partica

    Reply Reply November 2, 2018

    This place is a criminal organization that regularly extorts money from small businesses.
    I would not pay them for their service and a few months later our account received several negative complaints all from the same individual that our company refused to provide service to.
    The individual then posted several negative reviews (9 in total 6 under the same name) all on the same day, because we told him we were unable to fix the problems that he had from another installation company.
    When I contacted 411.ca and provided them proof that the individual was not our client they said they were too busy to take down the reviews that they admitted were false.
    They then told me if I signed up with their service ($7,400 a year) they could have it removed right away.
    I did get my lawyer involved and after he sent an order to remove the reviews they were removed.
    I hoped they would didn’t remove them so I could sue them for defamation.
    This place is a F&%#*@g scam and yet they still operate.

  • Holly Doucette

    Reply Reply October 4, 2018

    These swindlers are by far the worst! They will prey on your receptionists to provide them with your business information and at the end of the conversation they hook them into authorizing a payment. When called to hear what they had to say , the gentleman ( if you can call him that) was rude and laughing outright at our dismay. Horrible!!!!! even if the owners would have ever agreed to purchase such an ad they certainly will not now after that poor customer service!

  • Paul McIsaac

    Reply Reply May 1, 2018

    Different tactics, same results. They are very slick and I, too, cannot believe I fell for their spiel. Hopefully, it is all over now, but my website through them remains and I want to get rid of it.

    Any ideas?

    • Derrick

      Reply Reply May 2, 2018

      I have a few questions I don’t think need to be public. I’ll email you.

  • Prafull

    Reply Reply February 8, 2018

    Stay away from these scammers. They called my office and asked my receptionist if they could list my phone number and address, but NEVER disclosed that there would be a charge, then they called repeatedly and demanded payment, for something that I NEVER approved. They then threatened me with a collection agency. Do NOT get involved with them! They are very persistent and keep calling.

  • Lu Kalnins

    Reply Reply January 23, 2018

    OMG, so sorry that all of you have had such a bad experience, but it is comforting to know that I am not the only one that got taken by these scammers.
    I too got a cold call saying that my business was in high demand and had a lot of people looking on search engines for my business in my area and blah blah blah…. I listened to the sales pitch and how it would put me in the top 3 on Google for landscaping in our area….. I could cancel at any time with a 30 day notice (fair enough notice period)…
    I explained that we are a landscape/gardening business and only operate in the summer and I would cancel in the fall….oh fine no problem, we can do that…..
    Well I called to cancel in mid November and spoke to some guy who said my rep was not in and he would stop the payments coming off my card immediately and my rep would get back to me.
    Several calls back to them and no reply, voice mail only… I could go on for pages but will keep it shot(relatively). here are just he latest emails between us.
    DO NOT EVER LIST WITH THESE SCAM ARTISTS …unless you have a ton of money to throw away.

  • François Crépeau

    Reply Reply January 8, 2018

    Ohhh man! Too sad that I’m looking at that now. I have been with them for maybe one year! I was using it to also collect independant feedbacks. Very hard to get customer service and get answers to emails. I pay for a listing in the entire Quebec province. Once I was sick of some glitches not being handled and requested to cancel. After intense follow up I was contacted through the phone. She proposed to cut my fee in half. I agreed. Now I realized I’m not appearing in some cities (many) and sent them another email.

    I decided to look for feedbakcs on them and just fell here. I’ll have to follow up on disconnecting. May the magic be with me!

    Crepmaster the Magician
    Francois Crepeau

  • Robin Wells

    Reply Reply September 28, 2017

    I also tried to put listing on – they claim to offer free listings. However sales rep called and tried to put on pressure tactics. Frankly after the billing problems people have had and the lack of willingness to list for free AFTER saying they will; not sure they are the answer.

    Yellow Pages DOES LIST FOR FREE!! Yes.. it is true!

    And the Yellow Pages rep was FAR less pressure and far more cost effective.

  • Bradley Sheehan

    Reply Reply September 11, 2017

    I had a very similar experience. I signed up with them signing a 3 month minimum contract for $200 a month.Before the 3 months were up I tried to contact them by phone to cancel but was on hold to speak to someone for over an hour. I decided to send them an email request to cancel my account and received an email back stating someone would contact me within 48 hours which never happened. I wrote to them again, nothing. I called their customer service, very rude customer service, who said my account will be suspended and someone will contact me shortly to confirm the cancellation. Did not happen. They have now charged my account for the 4th month. I will be cancelling my credit card and would recommend to anyone considering signing up with them DON’T DO IT! 411.ca are scammers and thieves.

  • alex

    Reply Reply August 10, 2017

    its a scam, they called me twice about 2 diff services, they said it was like 40$ last time, years ago, and this week they told me it was $1000/ad/month…for across canada… dude. i went on the website and its free to ad ur business… seriously…

  • Michael

    Reply Reply July 11, 2017

    We had a similiar experience with Yellow Pages online. They got us for a year’s worth and not much to show. They even extended our contract for free with a tracking number to prove the ad was working – that was the last we heard from them. Thousands wasted!

  • Colleen

    Reply Reply June 13, 2017

    Wow.. sure wish I’d research 411.CA BEFORE I gave them my money. What a waste.
    All the negative comments and stories on here is EXACTLY the same as my experience with 411.CA.
    Not one hit did I receive and was told all sorts of untruths about what the site would do for my business. I signed up for the free trial and then as all of you, contacted and sold on purchasing their full offer as well as paid for a “professional” Web site to be build with me in order to make sure it was how I wanted it. No one contacted me.. after SEVERAL searches I accidentally found the professional site they had built for my business.. all without my input. They pulled pics from my own site I already had and then made up their own sales pitch regarding my services. Well.. the English grammar they used was 3rd grade level at best. Embarrassing…so many calls to correct this.. even my business phone number was incorrect. THAT THEY DID FIX. But still no call on the the correction of the verbiage used in my ad. Ridiculous.
    Then I call to cancel. Over and over.. messages left and emails left unanswered. Finally I talk to some one and I find out that there is a 30 days notice policy.. this was most definitely NOT mentioned at all. So when I sign up for 1 month to try it.. I need to cancel it the same day I signed up? WHAT???

  • Keli Carpenter

    Reply Reply May 3, 2017

    I have also had a terrible experience with 411.ca it is so easy to sell someone on your service but it is a whole other thing to provide honest customers service. First they were a “NO SHOW” for they scheduled set-up appointment after they sold us on signing up. They never made a single effort to service or re-book the appointment. They listed our name incorrectly. We then had different calls to up-sell our listing add. I expressed my displeasure to which they didn’t care (the sales team was only there to sell. I then called a week later to cancel after double checking my google analytics to find I have had zero hits from 411.ca. They assured me my customer service rep would get back to me. He in fact (maybe deliberately?) was calling the wrong number to reach me. I then get an email from him to try and up-sell and keep me. I returned his email and it bounced back to me. I then called to speak to a manager because by now it is to the point I think they should know what has taken place but they refuse and give me to our customer rep (Krostoff ) who does nothing but justify and tell me “life happens” regarding his no show and that he believes he has done nothing at all wrong.

    Good old customer service, integral business practices or internet traffic is not what you will get from this company even though they took my over $200/month for 6 months.

  • Dean Phan

    Reply Reply April 26, 2017

    Tried to list my business on 411.ca because the page advertised that it is free. After filling out all the information and submitting, there was a guy called me and tried to sell their online marketing services. When I said that I don’t need their service at the moment and ask about the free listing, the guy was very very rude, and of course, my business was not listed on their horrible page. I read tons of reviews about this page and realized that I was lucky when I was not tricked by them. Stay away, guys!!!!

  • Wayne Clark

    Reply Reply February 17, 2017

    Received a call from Lauren offering 411.ca services after getting information from currently effective Kiijii Ad. She was very polite until I declined her offer then she went about berating my current advertising strategy. When I told her I was insulted by her comments and my strategy that was meeting my expectations and the call was over. She phoned me back and questioned my tone. My suggestion save yourself the hassles of dealing with this company stop them before they even start trying to sell you anything.

  • Norvin Eitzen

    Reply Reply December 13, 2016

    Thank you for the great write up on 411.ca — we received similar calls regarding HVAC services. Apparently their site was blowing up with people looking for furnaces and contractors, and we had the golden opportunity to play along. Our offer was $50/month for one city, 60-80 people hitting the advertiser per week.

    Needless to say, after this review and all these comments, seems all too good to be true 🙂 I personally would just Google for these types of services, I would never go to 411.ca to look for services.

    So the 411 on 411.ca is don’t waste your ad bucks, look at SEO services or SEM PPC.

    • Derrick

      Reply Reply December 21, 2016

      Though this changes year to year, I have found people are experiencing the most success with Search Engine Optimization, Retargeting/Remarketing & Email marketing. I’ve been slacking on my writing lately, but will try to refocus and get out some more info on those 3 digital marketing methods this year. Thanks for the comment!

  • A.J. Stephen

    Reply Reply November 16, 2016


    I received a cold call similar to most people here and returned their phone call after 3 days. The salesman gave a similar speech and said my area of practice was in “high demand” and that they were looking to “fill this spot” as soon as possible. I was close to giving it a shot before I did the prudent thing and google searched 411 reviews. After reading the hundreds of disgruntled customer horror stories I will certainly not be partnering with these guys. Once again, thank you so much for these reviews and feedback. Means a lot.

  • Michael Wright

    Reply Reply October 26, 2016

    They also used my kijiji ad to get my phone number. They sounded legit on the phone and told me NOT to use Google SEO, because they would submit my information to Google and my website would appear in the top 10.

    They submit your information to their own search engine 411.ca NOT Google. When doing a search you will NEVER appear in the top ten on Google.

    The salesman was very nice up to the point where they took my credit card information on the phone. He said if you’re not happy you can cancel at any time.

    The next day I called the salesman and after one week NOTHING, no response. Still to this day he has not called me back. I had to go to customer service to ask for a refund but even they were resistant.

    Bottom line, they misled me into believing that they do Google Search Engine Optimization which they do not.

    I am in the process of disputing the charge through the credit card company.

    BEWARE!! Stay away from 411.ca

    If you own a small business, IMO 411.ca is never going to get you any business.

  • Myles

    Reply Reply October 25, 2016

    I had a similar experience with 411.ca. I thought it may send a few targeted hits to my website every month, so thought I’d give it a try. I soon realized no traffic was being directed to my website and tried to cancel. I was only able to cancel once I disputed the charges on my credit card.

    This company is also providing false information regarding traffic. They tried to sell me Google Adwords services touting something like 10,000 searches per month for a search term that only receives about 200 per month (looked it up through the Google Keyword Planner).

    411.ca is bordering on a scam. Steer clear.

  • Tariq

    Reply Reply October 20, 2016

    Thanks for every one leaving reviews. I was contacted by Joshua who claims to be doing this for 8 years. I felt pressurized to make payment so tried to look for reviews and here I am. clearly a scam!! 411.ca is different from Canada411.ca.

  • Andrei

    Reply Reply October 19, 2016

    I got a call from these guys about a year ago and knew from the start that it was something I should avoid. The salesperson was very aggressive and claimed that they received more hits than Google. It was hilarious, I was arguing her for about 10 minutes.

  • Ronnie Mcleod

    Reply Reply October 11, 2016

    Visa tell me that they have blocked 411.ca from taking payments because of all the complaints. However it seems the payments still go through because this scam artist company puts them through manually.

    The best option is to change your credit card number and let them whistle for their money.

  • Corey

    Reply Reply October 3, 2016

    I just wanted to thank Derrick and all the reviewers for their comments. I was seriously contemplating signing up. I told the guy I wanted some time to think about it and that I would get back to him. The guy I spoke advised I would only get this great rate of $300/mth from him directly and if I called back I wouldn’t be offered the same promotion. I then said I didn’t feel comfortable giving my credit card info over the phone to someone who had called me out of the blue so asked for his number and told him I would call him back with the info to try and by some time. After I hung up I found this great site and within a minute he was calling me back. I told him I saw that other people were offered $125 so he said he would drop the price to $100. After I told them I wasn’t interested and hung up, another man called back within minutes trying to give me a different offer that would cost a bit more but considering the business I’m in, it would be more beneficial. Thank you ALL for your reviews!! You saved me hundreds of dollars and hours of frustration!

    • Robin Wells

      Reply Reply September 28, 2017

      I was thinking of signing up as well; guy called a week ago and again tonight. Tonight I told him to call back in a week.. then I read these reviews. Makes one think a bit. I am already with Yellow Pages and they were pleasant; helpful; easy to deal with and a WHOLE LOT LESS MONEY. Of course the 411.ca rep said that Yellow Pages was not as good; that 411.ca had Google partnership, etc. Well fact is apparently Yellow Pages has Google partnership as well.. Just started with YP; so will see how that works before I go any further with 411.ca.

  • Charlene

    Reply Reply September 25, 2016

    Don’t waste your time or money. We were contacted after adding our business under the free listing category (which they say takes a month…that should have been our first indication on how slow the service was going to be). They told us how many hits they get for specific words in our industry per month which wasn’t even close. Our listing didn’t start on they day it said it would and when we called our contact person she never called back. We’ve had no support even tho we asked for help. We logged into our account and changed a couple things and a message comes up saying it will take up to 24 hours before changes are made it took 10 days!! I just got a message today saying changes had been made. If someone is going to search for something they are going to use Google or Bing etc they are not going to go to 411.ca. We haven’t got ANY extra business from our listing and it’s been a total waste of money. I e-mailed a couple businesses that were listed on 411.ca asking them if they had had any results but they never replied back. I wish I would have read these posts before giving them our money.

  • Mike

    Reply Reply September 20, 2016

    Tried 411.ca and boy did I make a big mistake. First off the rep who helped me was very unprofessional. Second I was sold a GTA package at $150 and when my friend called about his business he was quoted $120. The rep said they get to make up there own prices. Then to cancel they either don’t return your call or say they are going to cancel it and still charge you a few time. Avoid advertising with them. And they are not apart of Google, don’t fall for it.

  • Sha

    Reply Reply September 14, 2016

    I have a contract with 411 but I want to cancel it because it couldn’t help me in marketing.
    Unfortunately, they do NOT answer my Emails and calls and just grab their money automatically from my account.
    It’s too bad in Canada and honestly they are destroying the online marketing and public trust to it.

  • Stephan

    Reply Reply August 30, 2016

    Sadly, this is a situation I run into very often. As a marketing consultant, I have worked with some of the top marketing firms in the Country. The ONLY way this listing will help you is by given more visibility through Google, Yahoo and Bing. That being said, you can recieve this ‘boost’ simply by taking advantage of the free listing option. Also, they are IN NO WAY affiliated with Google and purchasing a premium listing will never help increase visibility through google search results.

  • Alex

    Reply Reply August 18, 2016

    Fellow small business owners, 411.ca is probably the worst company I have ever dealt with. I received a cold call from them and although I was skeptical, I was also looking for online marketing opportunities. I decided to give them a shot and started advertising with them.

    They charged me 125.00 + tax for my ad on 411.ca and for 2 week I didn’t get any visits to my site from 411.ca. I sent them an email to cancel the service and there was no responds (just like other reviewers of 411.ca).

    After a few days, I called them and got a hold of someone in customer services on my first try. I told her that I wanted to cancel my ads and she told me that I need to give it more time to see any results. I then told her that I don’t see any results from my Google Analytics and I would like to cancel. She then continues to tell me that only they can see the results and she can tell me how many people searched for “web design” in the last 30 days.

    As a website designer (or any small business), I don’t care about how many searched for “web design” on 411.ca, my key performance indicator is if they visited my website as a result of my advertising on 411.ca. She then told me that you need a special code to see the visit from 411.ca or else you will only see visits from Google. That didn’t make any sense to me. I asked a few more times to cancel and she told me that it is company policy to give them a 30 day notice. They will essentially charge me another month of service that didn’t return any results at all. I started demanding for the Manager and the representative finally got the manager on the phone.

    Trying to be patient, I explained my situation to the manager and he told me I need to spend more time with 411.ca to see any results. He also mentioned that they don’t track how many people come to my site as a result of 411.ca’s advertisement, instead they track how many people search “web design” and visits to your 411.ca directory page. I explained to him that I don’t care who searched “web design” on 411.ca and who visited my directory page, my main concern is if anyone visited my website. I asked him if they only track statistics that make them look good instead of the what the main concern of their customers. He basically said that that he as not ability to see who is visiting my website from 411.ca.

    I demanded a refund and cancellation. He replied that he will not give me a refund and there is a 30 notice required for a cancellation. He explained to me that they are compliant with the 10 days buyer’s remorse (the law). After an exhausting conversation with both the manager and the representative, he finally agree to send me a confirmation that I am canceling the service. I will have to pay again for another 30 days of advertising due to their 30 notice policy.

    Ultimately, this service returned no results, had the worst customer service experience and will let anyone who is looking to do any online marketing know about my experience so then they can steer clear of 411.ca. Worst company ever!

  • Mac

    Reply Reply August 11, 2016

    We have also suffered a similar issue with 411.ca. The Spa was approached by 411.ca with the promises of exposure etc on 411.ca.

    We quickly realized this was not getting the exposure we where sold on and tried to cancel.

    We sent emails and had phone conversations with them – they would not let us cancel (411.ca took advantage of my ladies lack of English language skills as she is ESL English as a second language) and kept billing her even though she clearly told them many time she wanted to cancel.
    You cant cancel via email – you have to call and cancel…excuse me?
    While on the phone they insisted on her paying these piled up monthly bills after she canceled their services after the first month.
    No effort to clear this up and cancel even when requested several times.

    411.ca is a rip off and they prey on small business, make promises that are not real and make it impossible to cancel their services.

    DO NOT USE 411.ca

    Today we got an email from a collection agency that 411.ca has sent their imaginary bill statement to – for $378.00 – even after numerous attempts to cancel / phone conversations where they where very rude and made it impossible to cancel their useless service.

    BE AWARE 411.ca is a scam for billing – all they want is to keep sending bills so they can send you to collections agency – DO NOT USE 411.ca unless you want hassles and a large bill sent to collection agency even after you have tried to cancel many many times.

  • Steve

    Reply Reply July 23, 2016

    Everything you have mentioned is 100% correct. I got a call the other day which I ignored, they called again during this week so this time I answered. After we greeted one another the Sales rep told me that my trade (plumbers) was getting a lot of searches in my area. I asked how much and she said about five thousand searches in my area. My Google analytics said it was 1400. Right away I knew something was wrong. I was offered a package of $120 which I said I will call you back. About 5 minutes later I called in to talk to a different sales representative. I asked how many searches did you get for plumbers and I was told two thousand. Right away I knew they were lying. So I went on Google and typed reviews on 411.ca and now I am here. Funny that the review below your link on Google was a dentist who was lied to about searches too.
    I want to thank you for this review site. You have saved me a huge headache. Just reading all the other reviews here it does seem like this company is crooked.

  • ardit

    Reply Reply July 14, 2016

    So i received a phone call from 411.ca C.P. She says that right now is the busiest month of the year so i should start to advertise with them. she said there is no contract and being too compelling i started to believe what she was saying…
    right after the payment it has passed 17 days i never got a call or email to instruct me what to do.she said i will receive minimum of 4 jobs per month.
    god protect us from them.

  • Suleman

    Reply Reply June 27, 2016

    Worse experience with the guy name “Joshua”. Very desperate. Will annoy you continuously with the calls every 30mins then threat you to delete your existing free listings. People are busy give them a day or two they will phone you back. yours not that crucial for our business. 411 wont make any impact on your business. Just a directory to have your listing in to increase your presence around the web.

  • Ultro

    Reply Reply June 20, 2016

    They keep charging my visa without my permission. Is there any way we can do group lawsuit?

    • Steve

      Reply Reply July 26, 2016

      Nope. Even though you cancelled we will keep charging your card

    • lu

      Reply Reply April 10, 2017

      change your visa card number

  • Tom Miller / Winnipeg

    Reply Reply May 26, 2016

    A friend who is a small contractor asked me for help registering his Winnipeg business with 411 Local Search because he did not have a credit card. 411 was demanding a credit card # before he could complete the application. It was with considerable reluctance that I got involved because I had heard many HORROR STORIES about this type of thing. However, he was a friend in need and so I took the phone and gave the 411 sales person the required details so that the application could be completed and he get back to work on the construction job that he was doing for me. The 411 sales person was told IN NO UNCERTAIN TERMS that this was to be a one time charge and then all credit card data was to be removed from their system. The billing went through on my April stmt., was paid to VISA and my friend reimbursed me in cash. This was supposed to have been the end of the story, however, when I just opened my May VISA stmt. there has been a second charge from 411 for $52.50 which was unauthorized. I just got off the phone with CIBC after being told that since I gave out the information it’s my problem they have “washed their hand of it”. Now I am faced with Derrick’s problem in dealing with a totally unnecessary conflict resolution. Hopefully 411 has learned from the experience with Derrick, if not,then maybe both 411 and CIBC will learn something from the pending fight with Thomas. Then again, some people, and I guess some companies, just “never get it” (until they finally bankrupt). Thank you Derrick for the opportunity provided “to vent”.


    Reply Reply May 17, 2016

    I know they used my Kijiji information to get my phone number and then Lauren Maggs called on may 11 to offer me a high number of hits to my ad at 411.ca and she promised that since they are ” partners with Google” my SEO would improve tremendously! I sent her my CC info and things went through fine. I also remember that a “top ad” with Kijiji automatically cancels after 7 days so I naturally assumed that my ad with Lauren Maggs at 411.ca would also automatically delete after 30 days.
    Such is not the case!
    These blockheads are to be avoided.
    I recommend reporting 411.ca to CIRA of which I am also a member.
    Live and learn.

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