Facebook Page For Business – Part 1

How to create a Facebook page for your small business & What to do with it

So you have realized the value of creating a Facebook page and building a community of brand advocates to help you grow your small business.  Now what? What is the easiest way to create an awesome Facebook page, get liked, and what is the right way to engage with this community of people who want to stay in touch with you and send you referrals?

How to Create a Facebook page

1)      Go to: http://www.facebook.com/pages/

2)      Click on the “Create Page” button near the top right.

3)      There are six categories you can choose from. For a small business, it will most likely be Local Business or Place or Company, Organization or Institution. It could also be Brand or Product. Generally speaking, a small business can fit into multiple categories. Take time to pick the category that is right for you, but don’t worry too much about it.

  • Local Business or Place: If your target market is almost entirely people who are local and especially if you have a physical location, choosing local business or place is probably right for you. This is an ideal selection if you want to advertise a physical location. A local business or place could include: A cleaning company, a restaurant, a retail store, a salon, an electrician, etc.
  • Company, Organization or Institution: If your target market is extends outside of your local business community, this option is usually right for you. A Company, Organization or Institution could include: A product manufacturer, an online only store, a financial institution, some consulting companies, a pharmaceutical company, etc.
  • Brand or Product. While a local business and company will obviously be a brand, usually this category is used by companies who want separate Facebook pages for their products. For example, Nestle will have separate pages for their chocolate bars, which all have their own brands. Brand or Products can include: Clothing items, drugs, games, sporting goods, a service offered by a business, etc.

4)      Check the box that says “I agree to Facebook Pages terms” and click on the “Get Started’ button.

5)      Next you set up your profile picture. This is the small image used on the Facebook page. Usually a photo of an individual or a logo is best here.

6)      Next you add some basic details about your business. This includes a basic “About Us” and a website URL , if applicable.

7)      Facebook will then take you to the page it has generated for you. It will walk you through some initial steps which they recommend you complete, but you can skip them if you prefer. These steps include: Like your own page, invite friends to like your page, Share your first wall post, etc.

After you have finished these steps, you have your fresh new Facebook Page. It won’t look like much to start but as you begin to create status updates, upload photos, and get more likes you will notice your page start to fill out and look great.

Next time, we will talk about creating a great Facebook Cover/banner for free online, using Pixlr. 

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