Law of attraction for business

Recently, a friend brought up the law of attraction, and said it was something he believed in. I was aware of it because at a previous job, management would always try and use it to justify my declining sales numbers. I thought what my manager was saying was fairly unhelpful (at the time) and so I just ignored it.   

If you don’t know what the law of attraction is, it basically says if you truly believe and think about positive things you want from life, the world has a way of making it happen. If you are always worried or are thinking about negative things, this is what you attract into your life.

So is it true?

It sounded a little hokey at first. I mean I get the idea that if you are a generally positive person, you will attract more people and typically better opportunities into your life. But to go as far to say the success of your business could very well depend on your ability to really picture the level of success you are hoping to reach? Your willingness to daydream, and then really believe this dream will come true? Is it really that simple?

I don’t know, yet. Certainly the whole concept did get my imagination going.

Reflecting on the past several months

2011 started out great. I was approved for a $15,000 business loan which was going to provide me with the time to make my business a full time venture. Though business started off slow, sales were increasing every month. By September, I was seriously contemplating getting an office and hiring my first employee. Wanting to keep the momentum going, I invested a lot of my working capital into some advertising efforts that I thought would really help me take things to the next level. Unfortunately, I was incorrect. Not only did the advertising I purchased offer no return, sales dropped lower than I had ever seen, even when I was only operating the business part time. Things went from great to bad in a hurry.

Did I attract this negative turn of events?

From that time on I had always just said to myself that it was poor management on my behalf and a bad economy that caused things to turn so quickly. Not much I can do about the economy, and as far as management goes I had learned a lesson to be a bit more careful with my cash.

But what if it was something else? When things were at their peak, I had more work than I could handle. Yet, I wanted to grow my business, so I purchased some advertising. Between you and me, I was secretly panicking about what new business might come in. Could I handle it? What if I started getting a bunch of phone calls & meeting requests? When could I fit in my actual work load? If I had to open an office, when could I find the time to deal with that? I was actually associating negative feelings with the potential growth of my business. I had severe doubt I could even handle growth, and was just hoping there could be more time to handle everything.

Did the law of attraction take charge, and clear my schedule? Rather than a poor investment of advertising dollars & a bad economy, is it possible I just truly believed I couldn’t handle a successful business, and what I really needed was free time… and this is what was given to me?

I guess it wouldn’t hurt to try.

Regardless of the potential future outcome, I see a lot of benefit into incorporating some of the steps to making the law of attraction work for my business and personal life. I can bring positive feelings into my life by being grateful for what I have. I can enjoy the bliss of visualizing what I want in life, my goals & my dreams. I can practice believing in myself to the point I am convinced I will get my business where I want to get it.

I do have specific goals that involve achieving a certain amount of monthly revenue. I feel like it is a realistic amount, enough to pay my bills and live comfortably in my current situation. I also need to replace my 1999 Chev. Lumina. I want to achieve both of these goals by my birthday, in September.

Let’s give this a shot.

What do you think about the law of attraction? Can it be used as a tool to grow a small business? Do you have any personal examples or experience? Drop me a line.

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  • Shanna Carson

    Reply Reply February 12, 2013

    Great post Derrick 🙂 Yes, the Law of Attraction really works, but reflects our dominant and most practiced thoughts. We can’t spend 5 minutes on a new thought and 23 hours and 55 minutes thinking the old thoughts and have anything change. We must also understand that the Universe works at its own speed. Although instant manifestation may sometimes happen, our desire will manifest in the universe’s timeframe rather than ours! It could even be that the universe knows that we are not yet ready to receive our desire.

    • Brandi Michielsen

      Reply Reply February 21, 2013

      Shanna, love your answer ! Believe it was exactly what I was expressing … only your explanation is neat and concise. I have many times over been told that I was too optimistic about life, which eventually brought me down to being pessimistic. Fighting back, I bought a pair of rose tinted glasses, after being accused of seeing the world that way, and dreamed, worked, rested and playfully enjoy[ed] others and what has come my way. It all starts within ones brain waves / vibrations, and when one becomes in tune and ‘one with the universe’, the results are breathtaking and awesome.
      Now as a realist, with an edge on knowing that the universe is endless and powerful, I see the sky as unlimited, with both feet planted on the ground. It truly is one’s attitude that brings us to various levels of altitude, and gratitude / appreciation being the key words, rather then thinking the universe ‘OWES US’ anything.
      23 hours and 55 minutes, eh … what time we waste on old belief systems [B.S.] rather then expanding on the 5 minutes of daydreaming [change]. Derrick and I were discussing not too long ago … many failures and rejections occur, before success shines upon us, what ever one interprets that to be. I already live a successful life, so everything else added on, is a bonus.
      When stating that L.O.A. is nothing new, it is because of the history of those who practiced it for centuries, only now they promote it [packaged, marketed for financial gain], and it is just another form of therapy / psychology to apply to stressed out individuals who pay out and do not see the financial gain that those collecting the money are boasting about. Frustrating, and possibly their unwillingness to follow the advice given ?
      Last thought on this. Had a therapist who made house calls, as I took my teen age daughter in for counselling. Charged me $1 per visit. I finally asked her how she was doing it, when I knew her going rate was $60 per hour. Alicia kept telling me that she willed money her way, and her son attended the school around the corner, so it was no problem stopping by my apartment on her way to pick him up. She kept encouraging me to do the same ‘Will it, and it will happen’. I finally told her one day to ‘cut the crap’ as I wanted to know how she subsidized her income, as money didn’t rain down from the sky. She finally confessed that our social worker had connected us [which I knew] and she was being paid through the hospital out care unit.
      After that, I was able to take and benefit from her counselling, rather then feeling like I was ripping her off from her time and expertise service. Honesty and truth go much further, then all the ‘hoke-is poke-is’ of masking the truth … though I am a true believer in L.O.A. What we put out, will come back to us, or ‘what one sows [good or bad seed] will be what is reaped.’

  • Brandi Michielsen

    Reply Reply February 7, 2013

    Hi Derrick
    In my opinion, the L.O.A. way of living is not something that was discovered within the past few years, as the buzz word on this phenomenal source of power to tap into and the overload of information on the Internet would have you believe. It is just another form of ‘positive thinking’ and doing unto others what you would want done to or for you.
    Majority of people prefer to be in the company of a positive thinking group of people, over that of naysayers. When you said ‘Your willingness to daydream, and then really believe this dream will come true? Is it really that simple?’ I can only reply with this.
    I have spoken with numerous persons who have given me negative reports on their experience with L.O.A. The only explanation I could share with them is that in this nicely packaged theory, there are three missing ingredients missing from the movie ‘The Secret’, as life is not as simple as what I heard was portrayed in the production. One needs to:
    1. Work at obtaining our goal / taking action – even if it means taking on work that is beneath our level of standards, for a time. ie: a standard job for me would not be lawn care for others, but to pay expenses …
    2. Having a strategy plan of how to achieve the end result, and ongoing goals, to reflect on then update each fiscal year. Putting it in writing speaks louder then tossing it to the universe.
    3. Realizing that there are many who are either in a worst state of affairs as they believed their jobs were secure and are beginning at grass roots.
    Volunteering is a great place to start the process in our own healing, and propelling us in to the right direction. The movie ‘Rudy’ is a prime example of what determination can accomplish, even when there are those who don’t think we will amount to much or make the grade. Reject negativity – even if it comes from family or those you consider as friends. Be civil towards them, but make little to no time for those who will drag one down, and always continue to believe. Believe that your best is the best, and in time others will see our service as just that.
    In ‘The Secret’, I was told that there were numerous individuals sitting in a field and humming / chanting / mediating that they would receive bicycles. When they opened their eyes, low and behold … the field had produced bikes. Awesome that they got what they wanted, but totally unrealistic. Then again, we know most of what Hollywood produces is just that – unrealistic.
    What I have learned is that when we do send out our message / goal / desire to the universe, we have to stick to it and not send out doubts or mixed messages of ‘Gee, maybe that was not for me’, or ‘I’m really not deserving or worthy of what I am asking for’. One must keep active, and believe that things will take place in due season, and the doors of opportunity and relationships with others who can help us achieve those goals will begin to enter our path in life. Possibly they could be somewhat different then the original plan or desire, but then there are times the results surpass our wildest dreams.
    Life has a way of throwing us curve balls, or we may be totally off on our time frame of wanting to accomplish what we are set on doing. Even so, I have found that many times it is not in my way or time, that things occur. Other times I can barely believe how quickly things do occur, when I put out the right desires and proper motive behind the request.
    Best to you Derrick … in fulfilling your wish list, and obtaining your new set of wheels. Plus, I believe you are definitely on the right track of growing your business and the slack or lack of business times are just part to the bigger picture.
    Looking forward to your follow up blog, on L.O.A.

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