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I was speaking to my friend who is a videographer that is exploring ways to utilize social media for business. I thought why not help people create simple & professional videos that they can add to their linked in profile.  Even if people don’t want to pay a videographer to produce a video intended for a LinkedIn profile, there are many who have the basic skills and equipment to accomplish this… but how do you add a video to a linked profile?

Short Answer: Unless you want to pay for a SlideShare Pro Account, you can’t add video to your LinkedIn profile.


It seems that in the past, this was possible. One of the best ways to add video to LinkedIn for free was to use the Google Presentations application. All you had to do was embed a YouTube video within the first slide of a slide show, and inserting that slide show into your profile would allow you to display a video in your LinkedIn profile page. You could also accomplish this same thing by using a different application called SlideShare.

In December 2011, it appears people started seeing problems with the videos they added to their profile using the Google Presentations application. The video in their profile disappearing was probably the most common complaint.

In January 2012, it appears representatives from Google were confirming they would no longer be supporting the Google Presentations LinkedIn Application, and that they would be disabling the option to insert presentations into a LinkedIn profile.

In May 2012, LinkedIn announced the acquisition of SlideShare for $119 Million. SlideShare is another LinkedIn application that allows you to embed videos into a slideshow presentation, and then add that slideshow to your LinkedIn profile page.

The problem is, uploading videos to embed in a LinkedIn profile is not free. It is only a service available with the SlideShare pro subscription.


At this point, it appears that the only way to add a video to your LinkedIn profile page is by paying for a SlideShare subscription.

If you feel like this information is incorrect, I would love to know about it. Please reply if you have found a way to embed a YouTube video into a Linkedin profile.

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  • Andrew Newey

    Reply Reply January 10, 2013

    Hi Derrick, thanks for confirming this mate. Putting a slideshow or video on my Linkedin would be nice to do if it was free, but to pay for this little gimmick is difficult to justify. Thanks for the info 🙂

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