BusinessTalks 2012 @ The Hilton Grand Ballroom – June 12th, 2012

Overall Ratiing: 4.0

The second annual BusinessTalks conference, the apparent brain child of a young entrepreneur and social media guru Matt Ross, seemed to go off without a hitch. The networking event packed the house at the Hilton Grand Ballroom. Along with some exhibitor space ($120 this year) the main feature was a panel of guest speakers, the highlight of which was Wind Mobile CEO Anthony Lacavera.

Spanning around 4.5 hours, it was a longer event. I have to say, I think they put the speakers in the right order because they started off with Diana Charabin of 108 Venture Partners & Tiny Devotions. She provided an instant burst of energy to the event. I don’t know how one maintains that level of energy to accomplish and experience what she has, at such a young age… It could be the Mala Beads, but I think I recognize caffiene at work when I see it…. I mean, I wouldn’t know anything about that.

As always, I got to see some familiar faces. Shout out time:

Andrew from LegalShield, Ken from MedIT, Gary and the team from DrawSplash, Jerry from ReDesign Group, and Broderick from KoWork.

The highlight for me would be the conversation with Wind Mobile CEO Tony Lacavera. A very impressive story, seemingly humble personality, and just very relatable.  I really enjoyed and appreciated what he added by doing a Q&A style interview at the event.

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