Hiring a web designer off of Kijiji

I have been advertising in Kijijis computer services section for years. You can hire real high quality contractors, freelancers, and entrepreneurs off of Kijiji. The problem is that when you can advertise for free on Kijiji, this opens the market to anyone and everyone. I would like to provide you with some tips on hiring a web site designer off of Kijiji.

1)      Does the web designer list a web site? I have seen people offer web design services on Kijiji when they don’t even advertise a web site of their own. If a web designer won’t take the time to create (or remember to advertise) their own web site, how great of a job do you think they will do with yours?

2)      Buy Local. While creating a web site by speaking over the phone is entirely possible, my recommendation is to deal with someone you can meet in person. Meeting in person allows you to build a better connection with your web developer. Not only should this give the web designer a better opportunity to understand you and your brand, it allows you to build a better level of trust, which is essential when doing business with someone.

3)      Check for correct English. Related to the previous point, some overseas developers will actually post on Kijiji representing they are from the area. It is fairly simple for someone to pick up a local phone number, even when they are in fact overseas. Even if they are not overseas, if a person isn’t willing to put the effort into making sure their English is correct, how much effort will they put into your work?

4)      Pay More Than $375. I made this point in my previous article “Why is Web Design so Expensive!?!?” and it warrants repeating. If you want something that makes your business look credible and professional, pay more than $375 for your web site. If you are paying less than $375, your web site is probably a cookie cutter template, a configured free site, a slight variation of a design they have already created, a designer who only knows the basics, or worst of all… someone who is scamming you.

5)      Check their images. Kijiji allows you to upload 4 images for free. If I am offering a creative and visual service such as graphic design or web design, shouldn’t I want to show off some of my work? If I am not showing off my work, I probably don’t have too much work that I am proud of. That, or I am too lazy to upload them to my free advertisement. Also watch for images that are of questionable quality. If I am posting imagery for you to review, I would want to post some great examples I think you will like… if you are underwhelmed by the quality of the samples, don’t take a chance… even if the price is difficult to beat.

It isn’t like I don’t support working with someone who is newer to the game. I completely realize people have to start somewhere. The reason for writing these tips is I can’t even count how many of my clients told me that they had worked with web designers before who left them feeling ripped off or short changed. While the above tips won’t completely eliminate the possibility of this happening to you, I think it should certainly help the case.

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  • Shawn

    Reply Reply March 28, 2014

    So true. Another tip I’d like to add is if that web design company uses a gmail, hotmail or other free mail to correspond then that should draw red flags. Not that it’s necessary to have a branded email to do business, but I believe it reflects their skill level if they haven’t figured out how to make a branded email address.

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