Godaddy Down – A not so anonymous plea to hacking groups

Today, a member of the hacking group Anonymous took down, along with over 5,000,000 web sites that they host, and email services for these web sites as well.

The reasons for the attack have currently not been revealed. Part of the reason appears to be the fact Godaddy was pressured into supporting SOPA, which is US legislation aimed at attacking online freedoms. It basically gives law enforcement and major content providers the ability to shut down entire web sites without notice, even when just a single page or blog post appears to be infringing on somebody’s copyright.  

While there are a lot of potential issues with SOPA and the various names of this legislation the US has failed to pass in the past, an attack on a company like Godaddy is an attack on its customers, primarily personal and small business web sites.

 It is an attack on:

  • Mom and pop shops trying to offer great customer service
  • Parent’s trying to check practice and game times for their children
  • Schools, Churches, Not for profits, Fund raisers
  • People trying to share their expertise through blogs and content websites

While I consider fighting a battle for online freedoms a noble one, care must be taken to minimize the casualties of this fight. To say that bringing down the client base of Godaddy, causing collective frustration and financial loss to millions of everyday people is for the greater good of online freedom just doesn’t make sense to me.

My plea to hacking groups:

There must be more creative ways to show people the impact of legislation such as SOPA, without affecting so many people who would have likely never been affected by it in the first place.

I would also like to note to those who have any doubts, I would suggest to you that the vast majority of Godaddy’s competition could have been taken down just as easily by this particular hacker. For those with the right skills, any web site can be taken down… in fact, many web sites can be taken down by those who are far less skilled than this particular hacker. I don’t say this to make people fearful… I say this because while I am disappointed in Godaddy for having this security gap… security gaps are not unusual… it’s just a matter of who has the ability to exploit them, and what the motive is to do so.

Those who have taken this opportunity to selfishly promote their own web hosting company or other web hosting companies they are affiliates of should be ashamed of themselves. You are trying to get financial gain from potential customers who are mad, confused, and uneducated. I’m shocked at the lack of business ethics exposed by those trying to profit off of this action against Godaddy.

Let me know what you think about this attack and its effect on small business. How effective do you think it will be at revealing the security holes the internet has and the consequences of legislation, such as SOPA?


I have done my best to make sure everything said is as unbiased as possible, but obviously I am a Godaddy customer and have been since 2004, without issue until now. I am also a Godaddy reseller so I just want to be perfectly clear about that.

 Any numbers referenced are all just estimate at this point in time, official numbers have not yet been released.

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