3 ways your web designer should be optimizing your site for search engines

Having a web site is a great start for getting yourself or your business noticed online. Saying that, having a web site that is difficult or impossible to find in search engines is like having a retail location without a sign. It isn’t doing you a lot of good, if it’s difficult to find you. Any reputable web developer should include a certain amount of search engine optimization with their services, and they should also be advising you on some of the basics. The following are basic steps your web developer should have taken, or advised you to take, in order to optimize your web site for search engines.

1)      Title Tag – Load your web browser. Go to a web site, and look at the very top left of the window. Here you will see what is called the Title Meta Tag. It should at least display the name of your business, and when possible it should also include the name of the page or relevant key phrases. If you go to http://www.lowd.ca/ you will see it says “LOWD Media – Graphic & Web Design in London, Ontario”. This definitively tells Google exactly what this web site is about. Google reads this, and immediately understands that LOWD Media is a graphic and web design company based out of London, Ontario. If you view your page and there is nothing up there… or it says something very basic like “Home” or “Index”, it makes it more difficult for Google to understand what your web site is about, and therefore makes it less likely you will rank well. Do not stuff excess key phrases in the title, thinking it will help. It is a page title, keep it natural!

2)      On Site keywords – When creating the content for your web site, you should create it while thinking what people might search for to find you in search engines. Again if you check out my site, and scroll below the main scrolling banner and 4 boxes, you will see some text that starts with “London Ontario Web Design”. Within this paragraph, notice some of the words and phrases: advertising, web design, London Ontario, branding, design, small business, affordable web design, etc. This is telling both people and search engines exactly what my business is about. Just take care not to stuff keywords in the text, in an unnatural way… Google knows when you do this, and will often penalize you for it.

3)      Inbound Link – The main way a search engine can find you in the first place, is when a web site they have already indexed links to you. Your web designer should be providing at least one inbound link to your site for this reason. In addition to allowing search engines to find you, inbound links are important when it comes to increasing your rankings. Search engines view an inbound link to your web site like a vote, or a recommendation from the person who is linking to you. Saying that, not all links are created equal. The more natural the link, and the higher reputation of the site linking to you… the more important the link is. Again, I advise you not to explore the idea of purchasing large quantities of inbound links… Google will know when it is unnatural, and they will not count those links… in some cases, they may penalize you.

If you already have a web site and are not certain if your web designer utilized any of the above points, it is important you ask them about this. Your only other option will be to hire another web developer or SEO expert to properly optimize your site.

If you have any questions or feedback, I hope you will leave a quick comment! I will always try my best to help, and I love hearing your feedback.

Disclaimer: By following the above points, it will always increase the likelihood of your site ranking well in search engines. In some cases, your key phrases may be too competitive and it will require additional SEO effort to increase your rankings. This is above what your web designer should have been expected to do. If they have the expertise, they may be available to help you at an additional cost, or provide you with a reference to an SEO company. If not, you can always do an online search for a local SEO company… chances are if they rank well when you are searching for them, they know what they are doing.

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