Building a Local Business From the Ground up, in my Spare Time – in an Industry I Know Nothing About

This article documents the start of a new journey I will be taking in my spare time, in 2018. It will explain how I got here, what I will be working on, and who will get the most value out of the content I’ll be writing.

Fulfillment vs Money

My journey of entrepreneurship has evolved & changed course many times, since I first started in 2002. I started my first business the old fashioned way. I identified a pain, created a solution for the pain, and figured out how to monetize it. I then stumbled into a completely different industry, and built a business around growing a passive income stream. Basically, I chased money. I started my third business, LOWD Media, after my second business started to fail. I started it, because I knew it was a way I could make some money with the skills I had built in the previous 2 businesses, but I also realized that I found the process of helping others very fulfilling.

As much as this may seem like an obvious life lesson, I have found through trial & error that I feel the most creative & passionate when I can strike a good balance between doing work that fulfills me, because I can add value to the lives of other people & making enough money where I don’t need to stress about things like paying bills, etc.

This brings me to my latest project. I have reached a point where I want to try something new. I have a new idea, and I think I see good financial potential in it. With proper execution, work, and a little bit of luck… I believe I can build myself an asset (a real business) that I will eventually cash out on by selling. I’ll document this process in order to help others with their own businesses.

So, what is the plan?

Most business owners start a business, and never really take the time to grasp the digital marketing part of it. Marketing is a foreign language to them. It’s frustrating, time consuming, and expensive. They need a process to follow. I am going to create this process for them by starting a business in a field I have no knowledge about, and documenting my journey.

The mission is to share my experience in starting & marketing a local business to help other entrepreneurs reach new heights.

What specifically am I going to do?

  • Register a business & get all the basics (contacts, logo, etc.) established
  • Start a simple website & analytics
  • Ensure the website markets my business well
  • Ensure the website is optimized to rank as well as possible in organic search results
  • Explore email marketing, social media marketing & search engine marketing
  • Explore traditional, offline marketing methods
  • Ensure proper financial records are kept & tax requirements are followed
  • Navigating regulations & government requirements
  • Celebrate success, and learn lessons from failure


  • Maximum of 10 hours of work per week
  • Maximum out of pocket expenses: $1,000
  • Should be as easy as possible for an average business owner to do
  • Business name, domain name, and other identifying details will be kept private

To summarize, essentially what I will be doing is starting a local business of my own and “learning out loud” in order to create a process future local business owners can follow, so that their web presence is attracting as many sales leads as possible. I will use the skills I’ve picked up over the last decade to show local business owners that although investing money into your website, SEO & digital marketing can certainly be a great investment… that they can also do it themselves, if they are willing to follow the process & commit the time required.

If you want email updates on the journey, leave a comment below & I’ll add you to the list. Email updates will be made every 1-2 weeks.

About The Author


At LOWD Media, we specialize in supporting entrepreneurs. We understand inspired entrepreneurs and business minded individuals. We then use this understanding to learn about your business and help you create a look and feel for your business – your brand identity. Our business startup packages provide everything you need to begin marketing your business effectively and at an affordable price. Once you begin marketing and growing your business, we strive to support you and grow with you. Long term success for your business means long term success for our business. Let your brand be heard loud and clear with LOWD.


  • Sarah

    Reply Reply April 10, 2019

    Sounds like information I need. thank you

  • Melissa Siegel

    Reply Reply January 15, 2018

    Sounds right up my alley at this time. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

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