Adding an image to your pages & ensuring image size isn’t too large

If you want to add images to the pages of your WordPress website, the following instructions will help you learn how to add an image to your page, and it will discuss image sizing, so the image you add will not be too large or too small, for the page.

This article assumes you have already created a page, and are starting in the WordPress Dashboard, which is the page you see when you first log in.

1) Click on “Pages” within the left hand navigation menu

2) Mouse over the page you want to add the image to, and click on “edit”

3) Click on “Add Media” button








4) Select “Upload Files” tab to upload a new image, or “Media Library” tab to use an image you’ve already uploaded to your media library








4A) IF you are uploading a new file, click on the “Select Files” button, navigate to the file you want to upload on your computer, select it & click “Open”. This will upload the file to your media library & will check it, by default

4B) If you are using an image that is already in your media library, click on the image to select it

5) There are a few options worth noting in the “Attachment Details” pain, which will appear on the right hand side of the page, after you select an image. It can be advised to add “alt text” which is the description of an image that a visually impaired person will hear, if they have trouble seeing your image. You can click on the drop down menu beside “alignment” in order to change the side of the page the image is inserted into. Finally, the drop down menu beside “size” will help you select an appropriate size for your image. I used “medium” for the images in this tutorial








6) Click on the blue “Insert into page” button, at the bottom of the “Attachment Details” pain

7) You should now see the image you wanted to add placed on the page with the size & alignment you desired

Remember, you must click on the blue “Update” button near the top right hand side of the page to save all of your changes. You can also click on the grey “Preview” button near the top right hand side of the page to view a draft of the page as your visitors will see it.