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How Getting a Logo Designed Works


About Logos

Businesses of all sizes realize a logo is essential for brand recognition. A logo is a visual representation of your business. Branding is an essential aspect of effectively marketing any enterprise. The process of designing a logo is simple and worth the modest initial investment.

What is a Logo?

A logo is a symbol or basic drawing used to represent a business. The logo appears on letterheads, business cards and the company website. A logo should be related to what you do for instant recognition. A logo makes someone think of the company immediately. For example, seeing a familiar fast food logo can inspire a passerby to feel hungry and stop for a snack. The same concept can work for any type of business. A logo should be appealing and define the business in all its communications.

Logos are Everywhere

Logos are everywhere you go. You see logos on clothing, signs and advertisements. This simple image or emblem shouts out about your business. It can appear on the side of a bus or on a small hang tag. Consider the elements of a good logo design:

  • Simplicity is the key factor. A complicated logo is difficult to put on small items. It is also harder for people to remember and relate to. Keep it simple and usable.
  • Logos should be appealing. The purpose of a logo is to attract attention and be remembered. A good logo is aesthetically pleasing. It is eye-catching without being overly complex.
  • A logo communicates a certain idea. It conveys emotion and lets people know more about your business in just one or two seconds. A logo should be an accurate representation of what you do.

All types of businesses use a logo. From a fashion designer to a website designer, a logo is the best way to be recognized right away.

Basics about Logos

About The Process

Paying for a professional logo is a wise investment. For years to come, a logo represents your business and becomes a lasting advertisement. A creative designer will discuss what you want in a logo. You might want to use certain colors to represent your business. Your enterprise may have a theme it wants to follow. Certain icons can be made part of the company logo. Share a few buzz words about what the business is about and your unique preferences. A logo design expert will also ask about the colors and images you don’t like to help you develop the ideal logo for your business. The logo might represent your company name, an abbreviation or some other symbol related to your enterprise.

How a Logo is Designed

To keep costs affordable, a basic logo design is not drawn completely from scratch. Most logo designers use sources that provide certain font styles and icons. The work is partially completed and the designer customizes it based on the client’s specifications. The logos are more personalized and original than using a template. They also put an original logo within reach for businesses on a tight budget. In certain instances, a business might have a one-of-a-kind idea for a certain symbol or logo. It can be drawn from scratch, but the process is more expensive and takes a longer amount of time. A custom drawn logo can be about twice the price of a standard logo design.

Reviewing Logo Samples

The next step in the logo design process is reviewing the initial 5 or 6 samples. Each logo is original and designed to find out more about what you really want. As a result, you might love some of them and dislike others. This gives the designer a broader perspective on the type of imagery you want to represent your business. Review each sample carefully. Communicate what you like and do not like to the designer. This makes it easier to develop the final design in accordance with your unique vision of the business. You will still have another opportunity to improve on the design before the final logo is generated.

Selecting a Logo

Once you review the samples, select 1 or 2 of your favorites. It is essential to discuss what you like about them and what you don’t like. This gives the designer the feedback required to develop the ultimate logo for your business. You are given the original logos and alternative versions of them in accordance with your preferences. Now you are narrowing down what your final logo will look like. You still have another opportunity to offer the designer updates and suggestions. Do you want a different shape or color? Let the designer know so the logo is an accurate representation of your business. Make sure the logo is something you want to see for years to come. A successful business typically uses a consistent logo to ensure brand recognition. The longer you use the logo, the more people recognize your business in an instant. Consider mixing and matching certain elements of the logos you already viewed. This is the time to ask for any alternative versions you can think of.

The Final Logo Design

After these revisions are made, you are expected to make a final decision about your business logo design. Take your time and visualize using the logo on all your correspondence. From your flyers to your blog, this is the logo your business takes with it anywhere it goes. The logo should be original and easily recognizable. Avoid complicated designs that are difficult to use on small items such as business cards. If you are still unsure, you can request additional revisions but it usually costs extra. It could be worth the expense if you suddenly have a great idea for the ultimate logo design. The designer can do anything you need but it could come at a modest cost.

Trying to design a logo on your own is much like building your own business website. You might be able to do it but it makes your company look novice and unprofessional. Investing in a logo is affordable and acts as an ongoing branding strategy for your business. The perfect logo builds your business identity and helps it gain greater recognition.

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