How to see the list of people who like your Facebook Page

Facebook has done a wonderful job at providing Facebook Page admins with data they need to understand who is liking and engaging with their Facebook page. However, some seemingly simple tasks are made difficult. One such task is simply viewing the names of people who like your Facebook page. If you want to view a list of people who like your Facebook page, these are the steps.

1) Go to your Facebook page, and in the left hand “People” box, you’ll see the total amount of likes your page has. Click here. (You can also click on the “Likes” link to end up on this same page)


2) On the right hand side of this “Likes” page, you’ll see a “This week” column. Mouse over “Page Like”.


3) In the box that opens, you will see “Page likes” in bold. To the right of that, click on “See all”.


4) Once you click on “See all” it will open a window that will display everyone* who likes your page.


The above steps are accurate as of August 2014. If you read this tutorial and believe they are no longer accurate, please let me know so I can update this page.

*It is possible via privacy settings that people can opt out of allowing people to see what they have liked on Facebook. So, it is possible you won’t see EVERYONE who likes your page, but you will be able to see most people. 

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